5 things you need to do before you even start to set up your blog.

1. Have a cup of tea. Have a biscuit, and another cup of tea. You’ll need the fuel.
2. Open a fresh new, (anonymous) email account specially for your blog and make sure you know your passwords to all necessary accounts/sites (write them down) eg: it’s Biltong with a big B, and sosatie only has one ‘s’ in the middle.
3. Make sure you know how to use your scanner/photo/basic photoshop functions, and where all the computer cables are for cameras etc (this took me days).
4. Rent 197 suitable movies for your children because you don’t want them surfing the porn channel at 1am when you have forgotten they exist, because you are still attached to your computer, where you’ve been since breakfast.
5. Don’t bother with the weather report. You won’t be going outside.

and 6, for the South Africans: Brush up on your Afrikaans. Some of the most hilarious bloggers are Afrikaners.

and 7, for the Brits, Soutie doesn’t like to exclude you: Change your heating timer to include the wee hours.


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