I have had fun trying to figure out this blog thing, and the adventure has been mainly:

A time-bandit – I have wasted hours wandering around the web: amazed, inspired, appalled, and laughing, in no particular order. It is incredible how many people of very little talent are busy bashing away at their typewriters, their digital cameras and ‘send’ buttons, to no audience, with no obvious purpose other than to express themselves. Each in itself is rather depressing but as a whole it is a rather liberating phenomenon. I suspect it reflects a horrible breakdown in communities that people need to do this. Looked at positively, I suppose one could argue that it is just the opposite –the creation of new geographically boundaryless communities… I don’t know.

It is also an astonishing collection of unsung talent. There are so many millions of wonderful interesting people out there. God knows I don’t want to talk to them all, but it is a humbling little journey.

So hours and hours have floated by in a haze of South African (I have come to think of it as boerewors blogging), cricketing, cooking (SA plus cooking is “cooksister” – which is a traditional South African sweet -cute!), design, photography, bitchy diary, travel (yawn), funny, mummy, literary…blogs. Enough already!

Secondly – it is a TECHNICAL TANGLE. Be warned. The beginning bit is really easy, but in the end as homework I posted a blog that was a simple name on a standard (blogstandard ha ha) template design because I was, simply , exhausted by the detail. Before you start your course there are some basic things you need to do so that you are not trying to do them alongside the course.

All I can say for now is that Thank God you can’t fail this course, or I would.

Just imagine me trying to design my blog name, run around trying to take photographs for my blog page, download photos onto the same computer than I am trying to use to scroll through the lecture…the lecture is full of links so I can’t just print it off, and it is so detailed that I have to follow it as I am trying to implement it, so I am trying to work between about 7 screens at the same time… and the computer and the camera charger are sharing an adaptor, and then I realise I need a new private, anonymous email address for the blog page, and I can’t remember the password of my old email account and can’t access the server to the email without the password because they recognise my computer by which time the kettle that I boiled earlier (because obviously by now I need tea) is frozen because I left the window open to photograph the snow ( from inside so that I wouldn’t have to change my shoes) for my blog. My blog host then sends me an email to confirm that I am signed up but, again, I can’t access my email because I have used an old obscure email address ( because I failed to get a brand new one) and can’t remember that password either ( not sure at this point that I can remember anything at all – is it ‘Boerewors’? ‘Rooibos’? ‘Voetsak’? ‘Baboon’? Does baboon have two b’s or one?, “babboon” doesn’t look right but I think it still might be my password. Oh well I have to tell them I have forgotten my password which requires them to send me another email at yet another email address which then sends me a link to a new password by which time I have got 573 screens open and have completely lost track of which email this is for or indeed why I am sitting at my computer at 3am!!! The tea is really cold by now , my feet are freezing and my hand is a cold claw because the heating went off hours ago and then I think of me trying to persuade my Dad to do this while recovering from an operation ( he refused) and think that, after all, there might be a God. !!!

Which brings me full circle back to TIME BANDIT!


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