Stepmother’s Blessing

I needed some pavement under my feet today, so after a run (had to skip over black ice and lower our voices as we gossiped past the cottages)…I went to London. I sat on the train, which I love, worked hard for an hour on my writing and didn’t feel like getting out of the cocoon once we got to the station. The train really is a wonderful bubble in which time is still – it is peaceful, clean and calm. An unexpected soul salve. Anyway, out i got, into black cab, a quick lunch with some girlfriends – i’m not good at lunches, i get fidgety, talk too much, and need to get going…I went to have my haircut. i have been left with silky blow dried curls which even if i say so myself look not too bad. Sadly , these curls had nowhere to go other than back to the countryside – they didn’t even have a husband to come home to. And, being curls in my hair, they most certainly will not last ’til friday. I have refused to run again tomorrow morning so that at least i can enjoy them for a full day, but by the time i have watched hockey and rugby tomorrow, in the wind and the rain (forecast and inevitable), strangers will be offering to drive me straight back to the hairdresser. Anyway, when i had my hair done, i also had my nails done. a Mistake, i always forget that the lovely hungarian lady at the salon shreds the tops of my fingers so that it is actually difficult to type. my fingers resemble my teenage son’s who methodically works on the tops of his fingers with his teeth – with braces on! until they are raw. i paid for this privilege. While i was having my nails ‘done’, or ‘undone’, and she was tearing into perfectly good flesh down the side ..’hangnails’ i think some people call them, i remembered their other name – ‘step-mother’s blessings’! i felt outraged on behalf of my own stepmother, who is a real blessing (and whom i sense needs a hug right now.). So, in her honour, I have decided to hijack the expression and rename my curls after her. My stepmother’s blessings are going to bounce all day tomorrow and make me feel happy. whenever i have lovely curls, i will call them Stepmother’s Blessings. this blog is not going to make much sense to anyone other than her, and even she may struggle, but i think she’ll get the picture. give dad a hug too.


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  1. Jennifer

    K – thank you so much for the blogging Hug! It feels really special knowing it comes from you – and I am seriously impressed with the whole setup. Your explanation of “Southeel” was priceless – and as I do not know what the etiquette is around leaving comments, I feel I should end now or say something really profound.? (is there a do’s nd dont’s list somewhere out there?) The only meaningful and profound thing I want to say right now is – You are making your mark in the bloggosphere and I have no doubt you will entertain us and keep us updated in your creative way, with a twinkle in your eye – for a long time. xx

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